Playplaid Army


– 1 PLAYPLAID (Size 97 x 130 cm)
– 1 Tank (The appearance of the tank may vary. Sometimes grey, green, light brown or camouflaged. Pre-choice is not possible)
– 1 Wax Crayon (The appearance of the wax crayon may vary. Sometimes brown or black)

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This PLAYPLAID ARMY contains a PLAYPLAID, a toy tank and a wax crayon. Underneath the tank are sensors that follow a dark drawn thick line. You can draw a line on the white part and the tank follows the line. The lines drawn are easy to remove with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to dry the PLAYPLAID afterwards. Batteries are included with the tank. The appearance of the tank can vary. Sometimes grey, green, light brown or with camouflage. Choice in advance is not possible.

All our PLAYPLAIDS are made of flexible vinyl and are water-repellent. A cup or a treat that falls, can be cleaned in no time. It is a practical and hygienic play mat and is easy to store. Cars roll smooth on the roads and dolls stay on the PLAYPLAID.

Place the different PLAYPLAIDS next to each other and create a fantasy world for infinite fun.
Note this PLAYPLAID in combination with the tank is not intended for babies.
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