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About us

PLAYPLAID © is created by two creative minds.

Happy dutch couple, always looking for new adventures and never sit still. Parents of 2 adorable, most wonderful and sometimes extremely naughty girls, that do not like to clean up their toys.

Love the spend time together as a family and play with the girls at home.

We were always searching for a quick and easy way to store al the toys, once the kids are to bed. (To have some quality time, in a nice and warm “adult” home.) With 2 little girls you have to think of dollhouses, horsefarms, etc. you probable have them all too… Small resume, al the toys stayed in the living room. Result, we always watched the messy toy area, that was getting bigger and bigger…

That gave us the idea of PLAYPLAID, and we created “Mainstreet” simple black and white designed that fits in a modern interior.

The kids love it and at the end of the day we just rolled up the PLAYPLAID and whoop we have our home back… To see how the girls enjoyed, we created several different worlds.

Want to see where it all started? Our video will soon be available.


There are more sizes available.

Think about it; It doenst matter how large your play area is at home, we meet your request.

Kids like everything big… therefore you can choose from our standard 4 large PLAYPLAIDS.
We have Medium size PLAYPLAIDS to connect to the standard size. It is easy to bring with you when you visit family or friends.
To help overcome the challenge of going out for lunch and dinner with the kids, use PLAYPLAIDS place mat.

Large Play mat 98×130 cm
Medium Play mat 50×70 cm (coming soon)
Small Place mat 30×40 cm (coming soon)



For wholesale just mail us. And we will get back at you.

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