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About us

PLAYPLAID © is created by a creative dad.

A happy dad, always looking, for new adventures and who never sits still. I am a father of 2 adorable, all-around sweet, and sometimes extremely naughty girls, who don’t like to clean up their toys.

I love spending time together and playing with the girls at home.

I was always looking for a quick and easy way to put away all the toys. Because with 2 little girls you have a lot of toys! Then you have to think about dollhouses, horse farms, etc. you probably have all of those too. All the toys often just stayed in the living room. Result, I was always looking at a messy toy area, which kept getting bigger….

This gave me the idea of Playplaid, an easy-to-store play rug. Fitting into a nice modern interior.

The kids love it and at the end of the day we rolled up the Playplaid and whoop we have our home back…. To see how the girls liked it we created different worlds.

If you want to see where it all started, we invite you into our home with this video.



PLAYPLAID has recently launched the PLAYPLAID app. This app combines physical and digital play through an Augmented Reality option. With the help of the app, children can bring the play mat to life. In this way they are challenged to broaden their fantasy world.

Challenging play
In the app several tasks have to be performed. For example, by driving a car in the direction of the parking garage as soon as possible.
PLAYPLAID will continue to develop the app in the near future, to allow it to grow along with the latest Augmented Reality possibilities.
The PLAYPLAID Mainstreet is the first play mat to be launched with an Augmented Reality functionality. Now only available on the iphone.



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